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LOCAT services

GPS Tracking | Data Logging | Remote Control | Notifications | Re-branding | Special Requests

LOCAT is essentially a cluster of services which provide customers with a generic, ubiquitous, convenient, one-stop interface to (all of) their internet-capable electronic devices, such as GPS trackers, remote sensors and switches, and so on. From the main locat.co.za web site (which forms part of the "LOCAT platform"), users are able to access the data generated by these devices, and (if the device supports it) configure and control the devices.

The way in which the data is made visible on the web site, depends on the type of data your device transmits. For example, GPS data is shown on an interactive map, temperature data is displayed on a temperature gauge, voltage is displayed in a volt meter. When the device transmits more than one kind of data, the web site will show multiple maps/gauges/meters simultaneously. These features are user-configurable.

The software platform (which is the driving force behind LOCAT, and which is developed in-house) enables us to rapidly assimilate and incorporate unfamiliar protocols and to provide you with an interface to your specific device.

Many of LOCAT's features are available to the public at no cost, but for the most part, these services are available to registered subscribers on a month-to-month, pre-paid basis.

GPS Tracking

The most common application of LOCAT is as a GPS tracking platform, where live feeds from GPS trackers are displayed on an interactive map. This data is stored and is available as a download at any time, in a number of common formats.


Data Logging

The data received from sensors capable of transmitting information such as pressure, temperature, voltage, speed, and so on, are displayed using the appropriate dials, gauges and/or graphs.


Remote Control

If the device supports bi-directional internet-based communications and may be controlled or configured in such a way, LOCAT can provide users with a highly-customizable web-based interface to that device.



Triggered by certain events or under specific conditions, the LOCAT platform can notify you via SMS and/or email when these circumstances arise.


Data Sharing

Users can share data with other users, groups, or publicly. The duration of the share (from instant snapshot to permanently) is configurable. Applications include parcel tracking, sport event tracking,



In the near future, LOCAT platform will fully support web site re-branding/re-skinning, making it possible for customers to extend the services to their own client-base to include those services provided by LOCAT.


Special Development

If you need to visualize your data in a specific way, or want to have greater control over your remote systems, we have seasoned developers - who are deeply familiar with the LOCAT infrastructure - at the ready, to address your requirements.